The library needs more space for kids

To the Editor:

Have you ever thought the Guilderland Public Library needs a renovation? I think it does and here are my reasons.

First, we need more space in the children’s section. If you are looking for a place to read or play board games, there is hardly any place to sit.

And also, even though I am only 9 years old, in a couple of years I’ll be a teenager and want to hang out in the teen section, but right now the teen section only has a few couches and pillows. I think teenagers need a bigger place to read or hang out and use their computers.

My friends in the Library Club — Aria, Cara, Shlok, Vacan, and my little brother, Oliver — say we need more space to read, more space to play board games, and more space for the older and younger kids.

Also have you ever been to Three Little Birds? It gets so crowded that they need to move it to the Helderberg Room and that’s not even supposed to be for babies.

If you have been to a newly renovated library, it looks really neat and perhaps our library will also look really neat after our own renovations and we can have more space for programs and it won’t feel crowded.

I wish I could vote on May 21 because then my vote would count too, but since I can’t I hope to see you on May 21 and hope you vote “yes.”

Henry Rivas


Editor’s note: Henry’s mother, Nareen Rivas, is a trustee for the Guilderland Public Library. She stresses that Henry wanted to write a letter and “the thoughts and opinions in the attached letter are all Henry’s.”

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