New school board members should be helpful, kind, caring

To the Editor:
My name is Erika Belisle and I’m in the third grade at Westmere Elementary School. Mental health is important to me because when anger, stress, sadness, and disappointment strike, students stop focusing and stop learning. They need someone to talk to, someone to help calm them or support them so they can get back to learning at school.

The new school board members should be helpful, kind, caring, and understanding. They should believe in equality. Jenn Romano would be a good school board member because she cares for us students.

For example, she raised money for playground equipment at Westmere that everyone can use, including people with disabilities. Jenn wants to make school better for everyone. In conclusion, please vote for people who are respectful and think about all students.


My name is Crosby Belisle and I’m a sixth-grader who goes to Farnsworth Middle School. I believe a person that should be on the school board is someone who cares about students’ needs, someone who will treat everyone equally, and someone who will do everything possible to help improve students’ learning.

Students’ needs are a very critical thing and every board member should understand how to support all students. If students’ needs are met, students will be happier and look forward to school.

All board members need to make sure everyone is treated equally. If students are being bullied for who they are and no one is helping them, they will be under a lot of pressure and may skip classes. Bullying is something that makes no sense, but it is still happening today. Students should be treated well, respected, and feel safe.

Kids need to learn skills to get a job and progress in life. A good education sets kids up for the challenges they have up ahead. If kids can learn more, then it would put them in a better position in life. This is why board members should always be thinking about how to improve students’ learning.

Please vote for a board member who is dedicated to helping students. A great board member would be Jenn Romano. Jenn is my friends’ mom and I know her well. Jenn wants to make school a safe and fun place for everyone.

Erika Belisle



Elementary School

Crosby Belisle



Middle School

Editor’s note: “Jenn Romano is a friend of the family and our children have been classmates throughout their years in Guilderland,” said Heather Murphy, Erika and Crosby Belisle’s mother, who also said she was unaware Romano’s children had written letters. Murphy added, “I’m encouraging my children to use their voice to advocate for the things they feel are important.”

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