Greenville School Board incumbents would best serve our students

To the Editor:
Anyone in Albany County who is eligible to vote in the Greenville Central School District election on May 17, which includes part of the Hilltowns, should vote for Jay Goodman and Dave Finch for the school board. They are incumbents who have a proven record of creating fair and balanced budgets and who will continue to support an educational curriculum that prepares all students for success in K-12, college, and work.

These candidates helped guide the school district during the difficult time of the pandemic of the last two years, ensuring that the health of teachers, staff, and students, who could not be vaccinated initially, was protected. They helped develop budgets within the cap required by law that ensured students continued to receive quality education programs and needed services to improve their academic performance.

Both candidates are well qualified to serve on the school board. Mr. Goodman works in the energy industry, has children in the district’s schools, and volunteers with organizations for young people and the Greenville Planning Board. 

Mr. Finch is a retired teacher, a local farmer, and a strong supporter of ag tech, Career and Technical Education programs, and technology programs. He helped write curriculum for the New York State Education Department, which creates learning standards for each grade, and serves on the Questar BOCES board of directors.

Other candidates for the board would not serve our students as well.

Two, in particular, want to include Christian evangelical theology in the curriculum. This is not appropriate in public schools. Parents who want their children to receive a religious education can opt to send them to a parochial school.

They are trying to create racial discord by falsely claiming that critical race theory is being taught in district schools. CRT is not taught in K-12 schools; it is a course taught only at the college level.

They claim not to know what is in the district’s budget. School budgets are public information and are published on the district’s website. Anyone can attend the school board’s budget workshops, which are public meetings, and residents in the district receive information about the proposed budget before each year’s budget vote.

In addition, they have threatened to sue school board members personally. These are not candidates who will keep the best interests of our students, staff, and faculty as a priority.

Jay Goodman and Dave Finch respect the dignity and diversity of all students and support them regardless of their belief system. They will continue to advocate for budgets that balance taxpayer and student needs. Of all the candidates, they are the best for the district. More information is on their website,

This is an important election. Registered voters who cannot vote in person may request an absentee ballot from Daphane Pearson, the district clerk, at 518-966-5070, ext. 501 or email

In-person voters should come to the Scott Ellis Elementary School cafeteria in Greenville on May 17 from 1 to 9 p.m. and vote for Jay Goodman and Dave Finch.

Diana M. Hinchcliff


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