Local government is about results, not politics

To the Editor:

We are writing to Guilderland Democrats: Thank you for your engagement in the Democratic Party petition process again this year.

Last year, COVID-19 cut our door-to-door campaign short, but we were still successful in digitally organizing voters to elect Michelle Hinchey to the 46th New York State Senate District, an accomplishment we are proud of.

As Democrats, we have an opportunity this year to engage once again with our candidates for Guilderland.

With the necessary COVID-19 protocols in place, the candidates want to ensure everyone knows they are accessible, as they continue knocking on your doors this primary season. They are prepared to meet with you, discussing their platforms and your positions in your neighborhoods while maintaining necessary social distance and wearing a mask.

Local government is not about partisanship and politics; it is about results. Our fairly and carefully selected Democratic candidates must complete a thorough process of applications, interviews, and vetting to qualify for an endorsement.

Consequently, voters get to choose a highly qualified team of residents who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to improve the quality of life for everyone in Guilderland.

The accomplishments of our current town board members demonstrate their sharp focus on the issues important to all individuals in our town, within a framework that addresses the needs of the present and the vision for the future. 

This work ethic ensures progress, putting community first, making Guilderland the best place in Albany County to live, work, and grow together.

This year, the Guilderland Democrats have once again endorsed Guilderland Town Supervisor Peter Barber, Town Clerk Lynne Buchanan, Town Justice Denise Randall, and Town Councilman Paul Pastore, as well as lifetime resident Amanda Beedle for town council, to succeed Pat Slavick who is retiring this year.

Amanda brings valuable experience as a former employee in the town’s receiver of taxes and town clerk’s office to her first run for a town board seat.

The public record proves our current town board has worked diligently to make Guilderland a great place for families and new businesses.

Public green space has expanded more under this administration than any other in our town, creating more dedicated parkland, expansion of trail systems, and increased access to town parks and open space, which has proved successful with residents looking for more opportunities to explore and enjoy nature during the pandemic.

Dilapidated properties have been repurposed and put back on the tax rolls, thus reducing the burden on all taxpayers. Senior housing has increased, creating affordable homes for retirees to live near their children and grandchildren, opening access to starter homes for new families to join our community.

They have worked with the state of New York on improvements to Carman Road and Western Avenue, providing improved infrastructure and sidewalks. Emergency Medical Services have reduced response times to calls and improved care for those in need.

They have maintained daily communications to town residents to provide vital information and open transparent government operations.

Such a list, while not inclusive, reflects the hard work and dedication of those individuals who have served well the challenges of governing.

Our town clerk, Lynne Buchanan, has done a wonderful job consolidating the offices of receiver of taxes and town clerk while maintaining accessibility to service during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to her continued efforts to find savings and efficiencies in her next term.

As we get closer to Election Day, it is equally important for you to take the opportunity to reject the Trumpian politics and the divisive stories that campaigns use when seeking to divide the voting public.

You can choose reason over sanctimonious rhetoric because this is about a successful future for our town.  This election season, we believe the choices are clear.

Our endorsed Guilderland Democratic candidates are listening, taking note of your views, and responding fully by getting to work for you.

As you return to the polls on June 22 or voting early from June 12 to June 20, we ask that you cast your ballot for this exemplary group of candidates who are asking to represent us.

Jake Crawford, Chairman

Dennis Feeney, District Leader

John Wemple, Jr., District Leader

Tom Robert, District Leader

Betty Head, District Leader

Gustavo Santos, District Leader

Guilderland Democratic Party

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