Rostislav Rar is a youthful man eager for change

To the Editor:
We need a change in the 20th Congressional District of New York!

Paul Tonko has been the representative in the 20th District for well over a decade and has turned into another “business as usual” politician.

He had good intentions but has never fully embraced the idea that we are in a climate crisis. He has been OK with the burning of old rubber and tires. Perhaps most disappointing, he does always directly communicate with his employees, the voters.

Rostislav Rar is a youthful man eager for change who is an immigration lawyer and is ready to tackle the very huge challenges of the times.

As we head toward the midterm elections, the one thing that is certain, is uncertainty.

Historically, the opposite party of the president wins in the midterm elections. Only twice since 1931, has the presidential party gained seats in Congress and not lost them.

The stakes in this upcoming midterm could not be higher, as we are now in a climate crisis and Democracy is in peril. A madman governing Russia, Putin, is only one step away from starting World War III. Inflation is out of control and violent crimes are on the rise.

There is great debate over how to teach American history, with many claiming our country is practically infallible. Finally, while the infrastructure bill passed, it needs to be implemented as soon as possible as our roads and bridges are falling apart. This is a lot of uncertainty, indeed.

This is one midterm election Democrats cannot afford to lose, but the “business as usual” approach is just not enough. Rar is your man in this time of change. He is going to locally tackle the local problems that include fixing our roads, improving our crumbling infrastructure, reducing crime, and shutting down Norlite while protecting the Albany Pine Bush.

In addition, and in accordance with achieving true net-zero carbon emission, he will continue to improve biking, pedestrian, and public transit across the religion. In Washington, Rar will lobby to make electric vehicles more affordable and faster than ever to charge.

Rar will not vote to defund the police, but instead work to reform how they do business, so that they protect us better than ever, without profiling people of color.

He pledges for rent control, putting the brakes on the insane surge in rent cost across the region.

Rar will make sure all eligible voters have a much easier time voting, including voting by mail and fair campaign reform. We must stop big businesses from being able to “buy” elections!

Most importantly, Rar will work for you. His door will always be open to your ideas and he will be ready to talk directly to you.

Vote for change over status quo

Hugh Johnson


Editor’s note: Rostislav Rar is running in the Democratic primary for New York District 20 in the United States House of Representatives as are Justin Chaires, Jack Fallon-Underwood, and Cole Matthews as well as incumbent Paul Tonko. Elizabeth Joy is running in the Republican primary for that seat. Both primaries are on June 28. Early voting runs from June 18 to 26.

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