Pyramid and its partners cannot be trusted at all

To the Editor:

With Pyramid Management Group in the news again (as always) for yet another expansion in the Westmere area of Guilderland, it’s a good time to review some past information.

A Nov. 6, 2014 Enterprise article, headlined “Pyramid partner says Crossgates has no plans to expand,” states that Pyramid, which had just bought the former Nosh Delicatessen on Western Avenue, “wanted to quell rumors that the Pyramid group had bought the site in order to build a hotel there.”

Well, as everyone knows, Pyramid did buy that site to build a hotel there, and a hotel is there.

The article also details how Pyramid had bought the private homes in the neighborhoods in “secret,” using business names that existed solely for the purpose of keeping that secret, and that the residents who sold their homes to Pyramid had to sign “non-disclosure statements that stipulated” that the residents could not even “tell we have a contract.”

I also remember attending community meetings with Pyramid in the 1980s and 1990s where they explicitly stated that they would not be expanding Crossgates Mall. Surprise, surprise — Crossgates expanded significantly in 1994 and 1997.

There are probably lots of other examples of Pyramid saying one thing while knowing they are actually doing the opposite, just to try to keep those opposed to their actions from learning what those actions are.

But the above are sufficient to make it quite clear that Pyramid and its partners cannot be trusted at all — they will say whatever they think they need to say to keep expanding, building and significantly increasing the mall, the hotel, a mega store, apartment buildings, and whatever else they want to dump on and in Westmere.

Barry Uznitsky Nelson


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