How practical is a 16-foot right-of-way in a floodplain?

To the Editor:
We have concerns with the Troy Miller 11-lot subdivision. [“‘We are scared’: Neighbors of proposed development raise concerns about flooding,” The Altamont Enterprise, April 4, 2024].

The 16-foot right-of-way as proposed seems insufficient at best. Within the right-of-way is also water drainage from four homes.

This drainage outfall is in the 100-year flood plain, an already overtaxed stormwater drain that causes flooding on nearly an annual basis and drains into the Fly Creek.

Does this subdivision require review by a stormwater commission in Albany County?

The first question to be answered is: When will the State Environmental Quality Review process begin?

The second question is: How practical is a 16-foot right-of-way in a floodplain to provide service to the four new houses?

Altamont residents would like answers to be freely forthcoming, preferably before the April 23 meeting.

Deborah Johnson

Kim Johnson


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