Assault in Altamont Oaks caught on camera

ALTAMONT — A violent altercation at the Altamont Oaks apartment complex on Wednesday was captured by a doorbell camera and posted to social media Friday. 

The video of the incident shows Curtis Ericson, 25, attacking a woman, scuffling with a second person, and then Ericson taking a hammer to the back windshield of the victim’s car. 

Ericson was arrested by Guilderland police and charged with criminal mischief and second-degree harassment, Deputy Chief Curtis Cox told The Enterprise on Friday. Ericson had to go to the hospital for injuries but was returned for processing, Cox said.

Cox had no additional information on the incident other than the few details included in the arrest report.

The call came in on Wednesday, about 6:23 p.m., Cox said, and Altamont police then responded to a call at the apartment complex at 950 Altamont Boulevard the following day, on April 8.

Ericson had made the call, Cox said, but he had no other information as to the substance of the complaint.

The “paperwork,” Cox said, was “still in process.”



From Facebook - contains graphic language

A Wednesday assault at the Altamont Oaks apartment complex was recorded by doorbell camera and posted online Friday. In the video, a man police have identified as Curtis Ericson, a resident of Altamont Oaks, can be seen attacking a woman and taking a hammer and smashing out the back window of her car.

Ericson is due to appear in Guilderland’s town court on April 22. 

Ericson, a resident of the 40-unit federally subsidized-housing complex, did not respond to a message for comment. 

Cox said Ericson was observed approaching the victim’s vehicle, while she attempted to drive out of the parking lot.

“Ericson was observed punching the vehicle and striking the victim in the left ear when she exited her own vehicle,” Cox said.

But the video, posted to the Altamont Community Facebook page, a private group on the social-media platform whose members have to be approved for an admission by a moderator, shows an altercation more violent than the one described by Cox.

In the posted video, the man identified as Ericson runs after the car, which slows down and comes to a stop as he makes his way to the driver’s side of the vehicle, pulls the victim out of the car and strikes her for about 11 seconds. 

Then, a male passenger is seen leaving the vehicle and chasing off Ericson.

Ericson and the male passenger swing wildly at one another for a few seconds, the video shows, followed by half-a-dozen or more people stepping in to break up the two who are fighting. 

The man identified as Ericson can then be seen darting toward the back of an open vehicle, grabbing something — Cox said it was a hammer — and shattering the back window of the victim’s car.


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