Voorheesville has always been about safety first

To the Editor:
Those of us who live in and around Voorheesville remember the meteor shower that stalled over Voorheesville last summer, raining down dozens of sharp, jagged meteorites, which landed in the field across from the firehouse.

Thankfully, there were no injuries and no property damage but now we have jagged meteorites in a field that butts up to a popular sleigh-riding hill called Tork’s Hill.

This is not official but I understand the village is reaching out to Governor Kathy Hochul’s office for a grant to help get the meteorites removed.

Voorheesville has always been about safety first.

With that said, again not officially, I understand that they are passing an ordinance that, until the meteorites are removed, anyone sledding on Tork’s Hill after Nov. 1 this year will have to have airbags mounted on their sleds to avoid injury from the meteorites at the bottom of the hill.

Strict enforcement of this ordinance will be done by codes enforcement — again, that’s the word on the street.

Rest in peace, Paul B.

Steve Silvano


Editor’s note: Steve Silvano explained that he wrote this humorous piece as a tribute to his friend Paul Barrowman who died on March 9. “He really cared about Voorheesville,” said Silvano, “and that was one of the last of Paul’s pet peeves … He always spoke his mind.”

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