Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance are competent, caring, and committed

To the Editor:

On March 19, the village of Altamont will be holding our election for village board trustee and village justice positions. For this election, I am proud to endorse Trustee Nicholas Fahrenkopf, Trustee Michelle Ganance, and Justice Rebecca Hout from the Altamont First party to fill these very important roles.

Justice Hout is running unopposed this election cycle. Her years of civil service to the community are truly admirable and appreciated. Her commitment to continue in this role demonstrates her devotion to our community, our residents, and the law.

I want to begin by sharing why I believe it is critical to understand the role of a village trustee. If one has never attended a board meeting, participated on a village committee, or attended municipal events, it is difficult to get a true understanding of the duties and importance of these positions.

Our village board members are fire commissioners, liaisons to each department, as well as committee heads. Our trustees are grant writers, researchers, advocates, volunteers, and, sometimes, referees. A trustee must come to the table without a personal agenda, be able to look at the big picture, and make decisions that will prioritize the need and maximize the benefits to all of our residents.

Additionally, listening to all sides of an issue is essential. The job is nuanced, while being non-stop and layered, while being labor intensive.

With that said, Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance have done an outstanding job working on behalf of our village residents. They are the only two candidates with experience, the only two candidates who have participated in and attended village meetings during my 14-year tenure, and the only two candidates who can speak to voters about how they have served, advocated for, championed, and supported the residents of Altamont.

In short, they’re competent, caring, and committed.

But words can be cheap; let me share some specifics:

— Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance have participated in establishing Altamont as a Clean Energy Community, helping the village realize $35,000 in grant money to be used toward continued energy conservation efforts;

— Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance have hired quality law-enforcement officers and appointed new fire personnel to protect our residents and prioritize village safety;

— Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance have made sure our volunteer fire personnel have adequate insurance coverage should the need arise and Trustee Fahrenkopf obtained a grant to help us purchase a new fire truck;

— Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance utilized their combined technology experience/understanding in helping the village improve and expand our communication to residents. Their related vision allowed Altamont to expand our website and continuing with Nixel for real-time alerts and announcements;and

— Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance have each worked to support businesses in our community — prioritizing smart growth, whilst maintaining the character of our village and recognizing that goods and services are an essential element of what makes us a dynamic community.

To be clear, Trustees Fahrenkopf and Ganance are running to continue the work that they’re proud to have been a part of, all while accepting that there is work yet to do.

Their priorities include protecting our resources, making sure residents continue to have access to a clean water source, balancing our budget, controlling spending and ensuring delivery of residential services. Relatedly, they commit to continuing to protect the charm this village is proud of and is known for.

Please come out and help me support the team of Trustee Fahrenkopf, Trustee Ganance, and Justice Hout so we can continue putting Altamont First.

Kerry A. Dineen

Mayor of Altamont

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