Town board must assure committee goals are enacted — the character of Guilderland is at stake

To the Editor:
Having followed the development of the updated comprehensive plan, we were dismayed to find that “Town character” addressed in the Housing, Neighborhood and Town Character Comprehensive Subcommittee is not included in the latest iteration.

From the draft goals and recommendations (in part):


I. Preserve and enhance Guilderland’s identity, image, and quality of life; and maintain and strengthen the distinction between the Town’s developed and rural areas, as well as the distinction between the town’s neighborhoods and commercial areas.

II. Prevent any trends that move Guilderland towards the look of a city or large commercial town; namely, avoid putting all commercial businesses along the Western Ave Corridor. 

Instead, spread them out thoughtfully in appropriately zoned areas in town that are in conformance with the town’s height limit and with landscaping and buffers to clearly separate them from the residential areas with native species landscaping.

As long-time homeowners, we continue to be concerned about the commercialization of Westmere and feel the subcommittee’s work addressed this issue, now and into the future.

This topic, however, was not part of the plan as outlined at the Feb. 11 town hall open meeting.

It is up to our elected town board representatives to assure that the comprehensive plan, produced by consultants, includes the actual recommendations resulting from the work done by the subcommittees. 

The town character of Guilderland in the future is at stake.

Bette and Greg Shields


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