The voyage of the chair

To the Editor:

Built and carved of oak, weighing in at a sleek seven pounds, this sweet 1030s chair can also rock and fold (not rock and roll)!

Joe Burke, director of our library here in Altamont found and purchased this chair with the intention of presenting it at the library fundraiser held on Feb. 9.

Joe asked me if I could reupholster it. Having a small arsenal of tools and an electric staple gun, I said yes.

Stripping it down to its bare beginnings and assembling all I needed to reassemble it, I soon discovered my staple gun was not powerful enough for the staples to penetrate the wood! Panic and the realization professional help was needed set in.

Through divine intervention I was led to call Capital Upholstery on New Salem Road in Voorheesville. Adrianne and Michael Sirois are the owners and operators and, hearing my plight, offered me the opportunity to use their shop and equipment to finish the chair! My prayers were answered.

Mike patiently guided me through the process of professionally reupholstering the chair. Adrianne popped into the shop to offer her encouragement and check on my progress. I thought how brave and kind they were to allow a complete stranger into their work space!

This has been an unforgettable experience and I want to thank Joe Burke for his faith in my novice abilities. Thank you to Ronnie and Al D’Alauro for their donation of the beautiful fabric used to cover the chair. Thank you, Adrianne and Mike Sirois, for coming to my rescue not to mention the many staples and mentoring you provided!

The voyage is concluded and the good news is the chair has a new home with Christine Carpenter, Altamont Free Library AFL Board President and Trustee. Enjoy it Christine.

A win-win for all of us!!

June Scalzo


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