Altamont Enterprise Feb. 13, 1920 


Father’s night was observed by the Boy Scout Troop on Wednesday night. 

Team Runs Away. 

A team of horses attached to a heavy sleigh broke away while standing near the freight depot Wednesday afternoon and started in a mad race down Main street. They soon overhauled a team and sleigh belonging to Becker’s livery going east. The sleigh contained Dr. A. I. Cullen and Arthur Dorsett, and it was a race for their lives to keep out of the way. Fortunately the doctor was able to keep the runaway team back by striking them over their heads with his hat until his own team was pulled quickly into the road leading to E. J. Severson’s. The runaway team finally fell down in the snowdrifts, and were taken in charge by people passing along the road. 


Nearly everyone in this community are ill with the grip. School has been closed for an indefinite period of time, due to the great amount of sickness in the district. 


— On account of the heavy fall of snow during the past few weeks, much damage has been done to roofs and buildings in the village. Wednesday three sections of the horse sheds belonging to the Lutheran church collapsed and fell to the ground, from the excessive weight of snow. The buildings, which had withstood the storms of many winters, were erected here when the church was first built nearly forty years ago, having been brought here from the old St. James Lutheran church site at Fairview cemetery where they had done duty for many years. Fortunately no one was underneath the sheds when they fell. Eugene Gallup, carrier on rural route No. 3, had just taken his horse and sleigh from the building a short time before it fell. 

— After being covered with from 18 inches to several feet of snow for the last week, the highways running from this village are in fair condition, although several of the back roads are not yet broken. Snow plows attached to sleighs were put to work immediately after the storm and have been working half the week to make the roads passable. No automobiles have attempted to negotiate the heavy snow and the huge drifts, and it seems improbable that they will be able to do so for some time. 

— A suggestion to our young people, especially to the boys: Why not organize a shovel brigade some evening and make a track for coasting on the old hill on Helderberg avenue? Coasting is a pleasure which has been conspicuous by its absence this year, and it should be revived, even though some work is necessary to put the hill in condition. The evenings of late have been just right for coasting, and we should take advantage of the favorable weather while we have it. If we hesitate, another storm or a bitter cold spell will advance upon us, forcing us to flee to the shelter of our homes and the warmth of our fires. 

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    Because of the condition of the roads the men from this place, who work in Schenectady were unable to get back to the city until Monday afternoon, when James Kelly’s and Frank Gimlick’s teams took about fourteen to the carline. 

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