Intro courses on prayer and scripture offered

 VOORHEESVILLE — The First United Methodist Church of Voorheesville is offering these short courses:

— Friday, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m., Prayer 101: an introductory class on prayer; and

— Friday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m., Bible 101: an introductory class on the Bible.

Have you ever said or thought to yourself any of the following questions or statements:

— “I don’t know how to pray”;

— “I don’t know if God hears my prayers”;

— “Why pray if God knows everything already?”;

— “I can't understand the Bible”;

— “What is the Bible about?” or

— “I tried reading the Bible before, but it didn’t help me.”

If you have ever said any of these statements, Prayer 101 and Bible 101 may be for you.

These introductory classes are designed to be less than two hours in length during which you will gain some perspective not only on the importance of prayer and scripture, but also on how you can begin praying and reading in your own life.

Mark these dates on your calendar and please contact Pastor Gary Kubitz with questions and to let him know if you would like to participate.

The church is located at 68 Maple Ave. in Voorheesville.

Editor’s note: Carolyn Barrett is the church administrator for the First United Methodist Church of Voorheesville.


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