We are not Tug Hill with acres of undeveloped land

To the Editor:

This letter is a response to the proposed town of Berne ATV law [“Some Berne residents question ATV bill, public hearing set for February,” The Altamont Enterprise, Jan. 13, 2023].

I, for one, do not want ATV vehicles roaring past my home from early morning until late at night. I do not want the dust and dirt churned up as they pass, coating my home and yard.

I do not want to compete with them for the shoulder of the road when walking my dog or exercising. I do not want the peace and quiet I have come to expect disturbed.

I fear for the safety of all pedestrians, including children, as they attempt to walk in the roadways where we do not have sidewalks and there are no shoulders. I do not want the unauthorized use of field and forest despoiling the rural environment we so treasure.

I do not want cars and trucks with trailers parked in front of my home or along our narrow roadways.

We are not Tug Hill with miles and acres of undeveloped land. We are close to a large metropolitan area, and this law will draw many riders from that area who care little for our land, homes, or community.

I have not had a say in the development of this law, and now it is being imposed upon every resident living along a town road. The public hearing is simply a precursor to approving what is set to be a flagrant intrusion on daily life in Berne as we know it. I am disturbed that our local officials think this is sound government. 

Karen Schimmer


Editor’s note: Karen Schimmer is a former Berne councilwoman.

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