Cheryl gets the word out quickly to her many followers

To the Editor:

I am writing to you concerning the firing of Cheryl Baitsholts as the dog control officer for Berne. I'm hoping an article will be published about the unfair treatment by the town.

Cheryl served the town of Berne with excellent service for at least 13 years. The fact that she was fired via email after that many years of doing an excellent job is just terrible. No heads-up, no phone call, no thank-you for doing a great job. I, for one, would like to know why this was done.

Cheryl went way above and beyond what her duties were. She would spend countless hours driving around, looking for lost dogs, trying to trap a lost dog, etc.

I was present on July 22, 2018 when two dogs were abandoned on a busy highway by Edward T. Ball. I was with her when the call came in from a bystander that witnessed it.

Cheryl left immediately and found the two dogs. It took a very long time to gain their trust in order to leash them. She did have help of the bystanders who witnessed it.  Her quick action is what led to the arrest of Mr. Ball.

She is the most compassionate person who did an excellent job, gets the word out very quickly to her many followers, and has a good record of having happy endings sometimes in five minutes because everyone knows her.

I can't imagine how anyone else can possibly do the kind of job she did and I feel sorry for any future lost animals.

I hope someone gets to the bottom of this and hope she will be reinstated based on her experience.

Janice Tefft


Editor’s note: Janice Tefft is Cheryl Baitsholts’s sister.

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