Who are the thugs?

To the Editor:

The events at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 were horrifying. As I watched the events unfold, various thoughts crossed my mind, and I also thought back on letters which I read on this page.

Local residents have written letters bemoaning the fact that citizens are speaking out against the display of the Confederate flag. I repeat that the Confederate flag represents many things, including, but not limited to, the subjugation of human beings, white supremacy, and treason.

If one is displaying the Confederate flag in any context, but especially inside the U.S. Capitol, he or she is not a patriot. He or she is a traitor.

If one attended a “protest” and ultimately took actions to disrupt the electoral process in contradiction to the U.S. Constitution and to overturn the results of a free and fair election, then that individual is not a patriot.

If there was any question about the motives of the individuals who descended on the Capitol, consider that one of the speakers at the rally had praised Hitler. One individual was photographed wearing a shirt that said “Camp Auschwitz.” One man was arrested carrying a number of zip ties. The crowd chanted for Vice President Pence to be hanged.

Furthermore, I have read comparisons between the events of Jan. 6 and protests against racial injustice. Residents have used various forums, including this page, to condemn the Black Lives Matter movement.

If, on even one occasion, you referred to Colin Kaerpernick as a “thug” or if you complained about the manner by which he protested racial injustice, then I would expect you to use the word “thug” to describe the rioters who desecrated the Capitol on Jan. 6.

If you referred to Black Lives Matter protesters as “thugs” or “looters,” then I would expect you to use the same language to describe the rioters and looters who desecrated the Capitol on Jan. 6.

I do not condone any destruction of private property, but there is a world of difference between protesting centuries of systemic racism and trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election simply because one disagrees with the outcome.

Jill Loew


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