In-person schooling should wait till COVID rates are low

To the Editor:

I believe that no school should be open until we have very low infection rates in New York.

Most schools throughout New York have had back-up plans in case schools were to get closed due to COVID-19 to be able to do schooling online.

In-person schooling physically connects most families within the area of the school. Why should we take the risk of going to school in person when schooling remotely works just as well as in-person?

Within Guilderland, the school has shut down three times due to many COVID cases inside the school, yet they are still trying to push kids to go back to school in person when it simply is not safe for them and especially their older family members.

It’s my opinion that schools should not be open.

Zachary Visker


Editor’s note: Zachary Visker is a Guilderland High School senior working on a Boy Scouts merit badge in communication.

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