Now is the time for Trump signs to be taken down

To the Editor:

I love this community, this village, this state, and this country. And what was witnessed on Jan. 6 in this nation’s capital should be chilling to all of us. Over the last four years, we have seen things that I never thought we would witness in this country. We have seen hatred, bigotry, and extremism overtake the ideals of equality and freedom on which this country was founded.

Last Wednesday, as our Congressional members were doing their jobs, certifying the election that has already been decided, a violent coup was attempted. A coup that was started by the sitting president. A coup that shook the very foundation of this country. We should all understand this was not a simple protest; this was a violent attack on America.

I was proud to vote for Joe Biden. I was proud to do what I believe will help begin restoring the soul of this country.

If my candidate had lost, I would have certainly been upset, angry, disappointed but I can guarantee you I would not advocate for the overthrow of the government and, if my candidate did advocate for that, I would immediately denounce him and certainly not have his sign or flag flying from my property.

We are all Americans and now is the time for us to come together. Now is the time for all Trump signs and flags to be taken down. Please show everyone that this village understands that no one is above the Constitution or the ideals of this great country. Now is the time for all of us to come together. 

Mike Murphy


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