Police say: Knox woman attacks partner and his daughter at Christmas Eve party

KNOX — A Knox woman was charged this past weekend with assaulting her partner and strangling his 31-year-old daughter at a Christmas Eve party, police say.

Debra J. Hurley, 34, of Knox, was arrested by Albany County Sheriff’s deputies on Dec. 27 after her partner and his daughter called police that evening to say she assaulted them on Christmas Eve, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s Inspector J.T. Campbell said that Hurley’s partner is 55 and his daughter from a previous relationship is 31.

Hurley’s partner told police that Hurley became drunk and belligerent at a Christmas Eve party in Knox and started to harass him around 10 p.m., “subjecting him to physical contact,” and knocking his phone from his hand, the report says. His daughter attempted to get Hurley away from him, and Hurley started to attack her by hitting her on the head and choking her, the report alleges.

Onlookers at the party — several of whom would later provide written statements — had to physically remove and restrain Hurley in order to stop her, the report says. The assault took place in front of six children younger than 17, who were listed as victims in the report.

Hurley’s partner told police that he and Hurley live together and have two children together.

The report states that the man’s daughter had “bruising, discomfort, and pain lasting several days” from being choked and had scratches and bruises on her forehead, neck, and cheek. Her injuries were photographed, and she was evaluated by the Guilderland Department of Emergency Medical Services on Dec. 27.

Hurley was arrested for second-degree strangulation, a felony; assault with intent to cause injury, and acting in a manner injurious to a child under the age of 17, both misdemeanors; and second-degree harassment with physical contact, a violation, according to the report.

She was arraigned at Knox Town Court by Judge James Corigliano the next day, Dec. 28, at 1:15 a.m. She was sent to Albany County’s jail in lieu of bail and was due in court on Jan. 2. Campbell said she is currently out on bail. Orders of protection were issued for the two victims.

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