People with mental-health issues deserve and merit help

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your Jan. 7 story “Public invited to free roundtable talks on mental-health stigma.”

Many years ago, we were told to stop declaring rape/stigma; we had done enough harm. We stopped. Without a murmur of complaint, we stopped.

Somehow we have fallen into the trap of declaring another. It is time we stopped. Editorially, personally, individually, it is time we stopped.

A cautionary tale: Stigma and mental-health issues.

The day may come when we realize that eagerly promoting the above words undermines our interest in providing help and we will stop.

In the meantime, I would caution readers not to be influenced by editors who promote those words to print. Seek help: You are both deserving of that help and merit it.

Harold A. Maio

Fort Myers, Florida

Editor’s note: Harold A. Maio is a retired mental health editor.

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