Contentment is a fine feeling in a vortex of national disquietude

To the Editor:

I want to wish everyone a year of better health, joy, and contentment. And it’s about contentment that I’d like to emphasize in my town of New Scotland.

It seems to me that major disagreements between political parties are about issues that are at the federal level, not the local level. We are lucky that, for the most part, we make good enough livings that we can live in town, and we have a town board that keeps a sharp and scrupulous eye on the town budget and is active in green initiatives for the betterment of our residents. They may be modest about their accomplishments, but other towns look to us as a model.

We have good schools; low crime; garbage pick-up; a growing commercial district that will provide us with more services and increased tax revenues; an involved citizenry that isn’t shy about letting lawmakers know what kind of future they want for the town; nearby medical facilities; emergency and fire services; an active seniors group; and a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities, including a musical venue that attracts national acts.

I tune into Zoom as often as I can to see what’s going on. And, it’s practically a joke that whenever my face appears, the town and planning boards can expect a question or comment from me. I take advantage of my United States democratic opportunity to challenge my elected officials for information and explanations. As a daughter of immigrants, I proudly hang the American flag outside my house.

I’m grateful, especially on a cold, bleak day, as today, that I can laugh with people who do not hold my political and religious views. Contentment is a fine feeling in a vortex of national disquietude. I am at ease with my life in the town. I feel calm within its borders. It is an oasis of peace compared to some other places.

So, I want to thank everyone! I especially want to thank everyone who works for the town on every level.  Thanks for the cleared and repaired roads, the wonderful parks, the promise of the Hilton Barn and park, the gimlet eye that covets each dollar spent, the historical association, the clerk who runs a smooth and friendly office, the fire and ambulance services, and all the commercial and service businesses. I express my thanksgiving.

Edie Abrams

New Scotland

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