Remember, conversations are not canceled

Number one, this is not a report on a breakfast gathering. As most know, the restaurants are closed except for those that can do takeouts. The Old Men of the Mountain by definition are in the category, “You better watch your tush, fellow, because the nasty germ let loose in China is hunting you down.”

This scribe can fill pages of the OMOTM’s discussions from weeks’ gone by with notes (that have not been used) in the weekly reports from the scribe’s little notebook.  When the scribe gets home and goes to use this notebook, half of the scribble the scribe can’t read.

It is just like trying to decipher a prescription written by the doctor. Part of the medical studies a doctor should go through is a 10-week course on penmanship run by a parochial-school nun.

This scribe has received a few calls from the OMOTM to see how we are going to continue after this is over. What this scribe assumes is that the OMOTM should start where we left off (that is, if the restaurant is still in business) and that would be the “Your Way Café.”

None of us being fortune tellers can tell, but this scribe thinks that would be a good plan. Those spoken to thought so too.

The few OMOTM talked to thought this virus is similar to other events the OFs have been through. A few mentioned the Great Depression, then World War II, the big Recession, scarlet fever, polio, and AIDs.

One member of our group carries the scars of this now-eliminated disease: polio. These were also some scary times, similar to this virus.

One OMOTM asked, “Why in the world didn’t Eve leave that apple on the tree?”

Those members of the OMOTM whom this scribe spoke to are going to hunker down, and the OFs are good at hunkering.

This is going to be tough for a while but hunkering down, and people-to-people contact kept to a minimum is the best protection available.

Remember, conversations are not canceled. There is always the phone, the internet for those who have it, and some have these really new-fangled things called Alexa or Echo.

This scribe has Alexa (which we have to call Karen), which clicks on whenever its name is said, and quite often wherever it is said, and starts spying on us.

No names to report and right now that is a good thing.