How old is Farnsworth Middle School?

To the Editor:

Something seemed amiss. When our (late) baby-boomer daughter entered Farnsworth Middle School, its early cultural and educational history was already part of the community conversation.

"Three decades after it was built, Farnsworth Middle School leaders and staff remain committed..." (The Altamont Enterprise, January 22, 2015)

"Farnsworth was built in 1970,..." (Altamont Enterprise, May 26, 2005) by the same writer, Melissa Hale-Spencer.

"Farnsworth Middle School — constructed in 1968..." (Wikipedia)

I seem to recall a cornerstone somewhere on the building. It would be interesting to know the date on it, and the date the first students attended class there. Maybe Farnsworth will have its half-century anniversary within the present decade. Sounds like fun!

P.S. Students, be absolutely certain to check with your teachers before using Wikipedia for academic research. It may be okay — sometimes.

Sally Daly


Editor’s note: Construction of Farnsworth Middle School began in 1968, and students first attended school at Farnsworth in September 1970, according to Sally Dague, the district’s records management officer.

I should have known better; my mother was on the committee that launched the middle-school concept in Guilderland. I attended the junior high, graduating from Guilderland High School in 1971 and I’ve written about the middle school for The Enterprise for more than a quarter of a century. — Melissa Hale-Spencer

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