Altamont School tradition will never be broken

To the Editor:

It seems the Guilderland School Empire does not understand one simple fact: “Altamont children go to the Altamont school.” This tradition will never , ever be broken.

Study or no study, the school superintendent should resign for even remotely suggesting the possibility other wise. Never in my life have I heard a more downright stupid idea than closing the Altamont school.

Even with one of the largest malls in the country and a large industrial park in the tax base, Guilderland always seems to have spending issues. How on earth do the much poorer upstate school districts survive?

You want studies: Try that one and I don’t mean “commission” a study. Get on the phone and find out. Visit first hand. Find the answers and apply.

It’s no secret and no wonder Guilderland has had spending problems for decades as the cornerstone of education policy each year has always, been, “Let’s build a new school!”


Altamont might not have the largest tax base but thank God we do have a newspaper!

And it’s loud!

Ed Cowley III

Altamont Class of 1962



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