New Salem Road Motorcycle crash lands two in hospital — driver in serious condition

Photo from the Albany County Sheriff's Office


NEW SCOTLAND — A motorcycle crash on Saturday, Oct. 14, on New Salem Road, left a Schenectady man in serious condition.

The driver, 36, had a possible head injury and a possible chest injury to his lung, but was conscious, according to Sergeant Vincent Nischo, of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office; the female passenger, 34, had minor injuries, an injury to her arm, and was otherwise conscious. Both were wearing helmets at the time of the crash, and both were transported to Albany Medical Center, he said.

There is no update on the injuries to the operator and his female passenger, Nischo said.

“What it appeared is that, when they came into the curve, the operator locked up the rear wheel and started to skid, and the foot peg dug into the pavement, so the operator couldn’t regain control of the motorcycle,” he said.

“Whether or not he straightened back up,” Nischo said, the driver caught a piece of the curb that houses the foundation for the sign that signals that curve, and the bike went airborne, briefly, and landed on a home’s lawn, where both the operator and passenger slid to a stop.


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