Taking care of workers’ health is good for business

To the Editor:

For business owners, it is not easy to keep themselves, or their employees happy and healthy. In fact, there are pros on both the employee and employer side to things when it comes to keeping the workplace wellness ready.

But did you know that in workplaces where managers and owners implement programs and encourage their employees to take part, there have been reductions on the number of sick days employees take, up to a 28-percent reduction in all?  And 30 percent less in workers comp and disability claims.

The morale at these places is usually higher and more pleasant, and the company and overall productivity has been shown to be on an increase. Workers like feeling appreciated and that they are cared for.

This past year at the chamber, we have heard of so many of our members being stressed to the point of hospitalization. Our society today is now anxiety- and depression-ridden and this can cause many stress-induced illnesses both in the physical and mental capacities.

Stress can come in many ways from work, to personal, to finances, deadlines, and other long- and short-term worries. These stresses tend to spill over into our workplace environment where we may be not performing our best due to pent-up anxieties. 

This is why we have decided to implement a health and wellness initiative for our members and community businesses. We want to get the message across that taking care of your employees and yourself will have a tremendous impact on the way you do business and are able to deal with life in general.

Even if your budget for something like this is at zero, there are still many options such as offering water and healthy snacks at the office, or taking a staff day out to the local park to encourage walking, running, playing, or just sitting and relaxing, or even by making one day of the week where employees are encourage to take a half-hour or a full hour to take a walk, get caught up on personal business, or by letting them go workout.

We all have to make sacrifices, and we are all under tremendous amounts of stress. Why not help your staff and yourself by taking just a little bit of time in order to help increase your productivity, morale, and by letting your employees know you are there for them?

For more information on our health and wellness program please, contact Linda Fahd at 456-6611 or lfahd@guilderlandchamber.com

And be sure to join us for our walk and kickoff to our health and wellness programming in the park on Wednesday, July 22, at Tawasentha Park!

Erika Gauthier, president

The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce

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