DEC asks hunters for recs on waterfowl season

Hunters are invited to submit recommendations to regional Waterfowl Hunter Task Forces to help set the dates of the fall 2017 duck-hunting seasons for each of the state’s waterfowl hunting zones by Feb. 19.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation evaluates Waterfowl Hunter Task Force recommendations in setting waterfowl seasons, which must comply with federal rules. New York is divided into five waterfowl hunting zones: Western, Southeastern, Northeastern, Lake Champlain, and Long Island.

The DEC appointed task forces for each zone (except Lake Champlain, which works with neighboring Vermont) are soliciting recommendations for the fall 2017 hunting seasons, including opening and closing dates, split seasons, and a special hunting weekend for junior hunters ages 12 to 15.

Each task force includes representatives from the New York State Conservation Council, established waterfowl hunting organizations, and individual waterfowl hunters who provide input representing diverse points of view.

The DEC developed an online tool for hunters to provide opinions on waterfowl seasons at The feedback received will be summarized and shared with the task forces at their annual meetings in March. The task force uses this feedback, as well as feedback received from other sources, to develop season date recommendations.

Hunters may also mail their recommendations to: NYSDEC, Attn: Waterfowl Seasons,Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources,,625 Broadway,,Albany, NY 12233-4754;

Or hunters may email the Waterfowl Season Input mailbox ( ). suggestions sent to this mailbox will be forwarded to all of the task force members in the zone.
Descriptions of New York State’s waterfowl hunting zones may be found on the DEC website ( and are listed in the annual New York Hunting and Trapping Guide. The final waterfowl hunting season dates will be posted on DEC’s website and announced by news release in mid-summer.

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