New Scotland

“We created another position so he could stay. Otherwise, he would have been out of a job,” New Scotland Supervisor Doug LaGrange said of a change of posts for a town employee.

“Voorheesville is dependent on the tax levy for the majority of its revenue,” said Superintendent Brian Hunt at a school board meeting last week. 

A standing-room-only crowd attended an Albany County Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail information session Tuesday at the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in Voorheesville and learned that the entire rail trail would be paved and open in 2017.

Tony Turi, Feura Bush

Creekside owner Bruce Boswell and the planning board smoothed out their issues with widening Miller Road, which led the board to grant final approval Tuesday. 

James Conway, general manager, Voorheesville Baseball Club

Tom Dolin, New Scotland

Town employees will see 1-percent raises if the board approves the proposed budget.

New Scotland and Bethlehem will continue to share water sources and infrastructure, according to New Scotland Supervisor Thomas Dolin, while homes along the Guilderland border could get outside water if the Weatherfield system is upgraded.

The new building will incorporate features like a vegetative roof and the use of gray water systems.


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