ALBANY COUNTY — In a county dominated by Democratic voters, next Thursday’s primary will decide the next county executive.

Incumbent Daniel McCoy, 46, an Albany firefighter who served in the Albany County Legislature for 12 years, is running on his four-year record. He says he has put the county back on solid financial footing, fostered programs for youth, and served as an environmental steward — most recently on Tuesday, announcing intent to file a lawsuit against Global Companies, which ships crude oil by rail, for a violation of the Clean Air Act.


The middle- and working-class families among us may be forgoing the necessities of life to have a roof over their heads; we must build communities that allow for a mix of housing, affordable toall classes of natives and newcomers alike.


“Do you think for one second that I would have insisted by husband go there if I didn’t think it was the best place in Albany County for rehabilitation?” Connolly asked. “He spent his days there with the best staff to be found anywhere.”

New Scotland

Residents of the Heldervale water district in Slingerlands asked town officials to re-examine their water rates, and to exercise care with older asbestos pipes if the Creekside housing development receives final approval. 


For something a little different, Phil Carducci decided to organize the inaugural Voorheesville 5K Cross-Country Challenge, to be run on Sept. 5.


The special election comes just a few months before a large general election but several years after stalled plans to fix a leaking roof and a weathered highway garage.


County Legislator Herbert Reilly says he recalls the pain he saw in Clarksville years ago from polluted water and so has drafted a bill to protect public water supplies from blasting.