Leonard Laub,Westerlo


Artist Tim Jackson’s satiric pen and ink work has evolved into art that still contains an undercurrent of humor as he creates with his less dominant arm after a stroke.

Including the public in plans for Westerlo's town buildings could improve plans as well as engendering support from the people who will have to fund it — the taxpayers.

Westerlo's town board came under fire at Tuesday's meeting, accused by a few residents of continuing to exclude the public. 

Anita Marrone, Westerlo

Dianne Sefcik, Westerlo

Westerlo's tax rate is still unavailable, but is not expected to change much, according to Supervisor Richard Rapp. 

The town's water tank has been repaired, after a random shot caused a disruption.

A Republican challenge didn't oust longtime Democratic supervisor, Richard Rapp. "We're doing fine," he said of Westerlo the day after residents gave him 55 percent of the vote.

Amie Burnside, Westerlo


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