Altamont Fair

Girls who ranged in age from 6 to 20 were crowned Tuesday at the Altamont fair pageant. They'll reign all week at the fair, and the winners and their alternates will do community-service projects and make appearances throughout the year.

The owner of Disc-connected K9s, which performs tricks with dogs at the fair, was once an Ultimate Frisbee world champion. 

Kids are captivated by a variety of challenges among the bright lights and stuffed animals at the fair.

Last year? Forget it. The year before? Uh-uh. This week, with 12 hours to spare before the final deadline, my girls and I managed to enter our exhibits for the Altamont Fair using the online registration forms. Thank goodness for a fair rooted, by a router, in the 21st Century!

Blacksmiths Daniel Crowther and Sarah Ritchie-Crowther explore the Iron Age and their own roots by re-enacting the way the Celts lived before Christ was born.