Charles Giglio teaches life when he teaches Latin.

“I try to link the present and the past,” he said; that includes “philosophy, theology, medicine, law, art, and architecture.”

A trip to the nation’s capital — the “new Rome” — is “a culmination of their five years with me,” he said. His students at the Gloversville Enlarged School District and their families attend a dinner dance on the banks of the Potomac River, and take the Amtrak train as they travel away from Albany.

“They see a different view of civilization than their hometown,” Giglio said.

Intrigued by history, John Boyd Thacher Park aficionados weathered Saturday’s rain to celebrate the state park’s centennial.

Back-to-school supplies and athletics funds were handed over from community organizations to local school districts.

The Altamont post of the American Legion raised well over $15,000 toward a proposed housing complex that would support veterans struggling with homelessness and addiction.

“We actually started as more of a holistic health practice 35 years ago,” said Father Peter Young this week. “We’re sort of trying to go back to our roots now.”