The United States Department of Education advocates use of the “Run, hide, fight” protocol for schools to practice in case of being targeted by a shooter; our local schools are practicing lockdowns — hiding — only.

Wearing their purple hearts, a group of Iwo Jima veterans met on the 71st anniversary of the famous flag-raising and recalled the 1945 battle over breakfast in Altamont.

Funds from state and county grants, town parks, and private donations are being dedicated to the relocation of the Hilton barn to lands adjacent to the Albany County rail trail.

The presidential candidates are out on the trail again and the topic of “family values” is back on the agenda, if only slightly. I like that. I like talk about the family.

Well, the holidays are officially now past (unless the Super Bowl is considered a holiday) and I observed something this year.

To forbid discrimination or harassment is one thing; to understand and accept someone who may be different than ourselves is another.

ALBANY — Affordable-housing industry representatives will meet here today, Thursday, to discuss the potential $250 million New York State funding that has been proposed to create affordable senior housing across the state.

NEW SCOTLAND — In 2007, bats started dying due to white-nose syndrome — a disease first verified at Hailes Cave in Thacher Park.

The United States produces more electronic waste than any country on Earth yet has no national laws on how to dispose of it and no plants to recycle it.

Local residents Joshua Spratt and Martin Zaloga — both former police officers — were sentenced on Jan. 7 in Albany County Supreme Court for separate cases of inappropriate contact with a minor.


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