The President of the United States and our Congress have made news for many months talking about changing the U. S. Immigration Laws. Their deliberations have generated many conversations about immigrations and immigrants. I looked up the definition of immigrant and started to laugh when I read the second definition.

Monday, Aug. 18, was my Zoey day. She’s getting older and changing day by day. She still has a bottle once in a while. I fed her oatmeal for breakfast. I cooked enough for the both of us. 

One beautiful, warm day this summer, Jim and I were sitting in the backyard watching puffy white clouds float by. We would survey the changing shapes and use our imagination to identify various animals. The clouds presented us with an ever-changing puzzle. I wonder if cloud puzzles were the inspiration for hidden picture puzzles.

Monday, Aug. 11, wasn’t an unusual day for me but was special for my granddaughter, Kyra Swan, and my great grandchildren, Samson and Nichole Clark. Their father and brother, Brandon Clark, and his girlfriend, Jennifer Smith, took them to the Adirondack Extreme Rope Course in Bolton Landing for the day.

When the weather reporter started talking about rain during fair week, I was a little disappointed. I have worked as a ticket seller on Gate 2 for several years, and know how important it is to have good weather.