Whenever we have a nice day Jim and I will take a little ride to enjoy the fresh air and see some different sights. We have found that even if we travel the same route we will see different things each trip. Trips are not just for our current enjoyment, but they act as a stimulus for a trip down memory lane.

Monday, Jan. 19, was a very icy day. We had freezing rain the night before and that caused many accidents. I wrote the news, and knew my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, would have Tuesday off because she worked Sunday, and Monday.

On a nice day, many people like to take a ride in the country and just enjoy nature. I can remember with great fondness the Sunday rides my family would take in our old Buick.

On the road

One busy week is over and I’m in the midst of another.

On Monday, Dec. 22, I talked on the phone with my daughter, Kathy Carnevale, and then my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, came over for breakfast.

With church bells ringing and horns of all sorts blowing, people around the world have gathered to greet another new year at the stroke of midnight.