Jim and I were really enjoying our ride up the Northway. We were headed to Saratoga for the 106th annual meeting and training school sponsored by the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials (NYCOM).

Monday, April 20, arrived with a visit from my sweet granddaughter, Danielle rickets, on her way to work and then my loving daughter, Marcia Pangburn, stopped in to have breakfast with me.

The day flew by with writing the column for the “Enterprise: and then picking up a prescription at CVS.

“Karate Kid In 1984”, a movie, when released became an immediate success because it contained some of the features that many moviegoers enjoy. It was a romantic drama about a teenaged high school senior who, with his mother, moves from New Jersey to California in the San Fernando Valley area.

On Monday, April 13, my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, came and had breakfast with me. I wrote the news and took it to Altamont.

I felt sleepy all day, and I think it’s because the weather suddenly warmed up.

Several years ago, one of our daughters was in the hospital for an extended period of time. We all may have had experiences like the one that occurred during that stay, but we tend to forget about them until our memory is jogged by another similar episode.