Girl Scout Service Unit 194, all of the troops on the hill, has been working on a community fundraising effort to collect at least 7,500 pairs of gently used or new shoes by the end of August. The deadline was extended from June.

“We have had people call to donate after seeing the first article,” said organizer Maria Shafer.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve written anything in the paper. My granddaughter, Kyra Swan, and great grandchildren, Samson and Nichole Clark, spend time with me in the summer.

On Monday, June 29, Nichole pedaled her new bike over here early in the morning and we enjoyed oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar together.

A number of years ago, I was watching an action movie when the tough guy hero stood nose to nose with a much younger man and shouted, “Do you know what it feels like to be eighty years old?” In a very timid voice, and after a short thoughtful pause, the younger man responded, “No.

What do Turquoise Trail, High City, Route 66, and the Atomic Museum have in common? They are all destination sites for tourists in New Mexico.

Monday, June 1, arrived and it was a big day for me. I had surgery scheduled for 8:45 a.m. with Dr. David Abraham for a complete left knee replacement. I have been planning this for weeks, so I’ve built my courage up and I was ready for the pain.