Learn about the travail of suffrage in Knox

To the Editor:

Picture in your mind the iconic image of a young child peeking out from under the curtain of a lever-style voting machine. In just a few short years, new voters won’t even know what such a machine looked like.

Fortunately, the late Dan Driscoll had the foresight to recommend that Knox keep one of its mechanical voting machines for its Saddlemire Homestead Museum.

I am pleased to announce that the official dedication of this exhibit, along with a tribute to women’s suffrage, will be presented on Saturday, July 14, from 2 to 4 p.m. The title of the program is “Tales and Travail of Suffrage in Knox,” and will include family stories of voting in Knox and an explanation of how these mysterious machines tallied votes for a hundred years!

The Saddlemire Homestead is located at 2190 Berne-Altamont Road (Route 156) in Knox, next door to the fire department. Refreshments will be served. I hope to see you there!

Nancy Frueh

Vice president

Knox Historical Society

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