Altamont Enterprise June 28, 1918


High school were held Tuesday evening at the Masonic AltamontGraduating exercises of the hall in this village. Those who were given diplomas were Abby Mitchell Furbeck and Ruth B. Schoolcraft of Altamont. This class is the fewest in number ever graduated by the school.

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Highest honors to Miss Abby M. Furbeck, the valedictorian. She received the gold scholarship medal which is given to the student who has attained the highest average in scholarship during the four years of High school.

Miss Ruth Schoolcraft was awarded the essay medal of gold. This is given to the graduate submitting the best essay at the close of the senior year.

This year there were no young men graduates and consequently there was no contest for or award of the Van Wormer oratorical prize, ten dollars in gold, which Francis Van Wormer of Dunnsville has offered during the past several years.



has purchased a WidemanHiram five passenger Oldsmobile touring car from parties in Schenectady. This car is one of the finest in this locality and is handsomely equipped. Herbert Wideman, and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wideman and son of Schenectady motored here on Saturday in their father’s newly purchased car and spent the weekend with their parent.



— Our teacher, Miss Annabelle Young, closed her school last Friday by giving the pupils a picnic at Cold Spring. They all hope that she will return next year.

— The weather of the past week has seemed more like fall than summer. One would almost think one had lost account of a couple of months. It seems remarkable to see farmers mowing hay in such cold weather.



The Slingerlands Boy Scouts are organizing a baseball team.



— George Weaver and Bert Weaver are making needed improvements to St. Lucy’s chapel, repairing the foundation and patching the walls. The chapel was erected in 1888 and no interior repairs have been made since that time. The large paintings that have adorned the walls have recently been removed.

— The boys and others who have been in the habit of celebrating the Fourth of July with the shooting of firecrackers and other instruments of noisemaking, will be disappointed to know that no fireworks will be allowed to be sold for that day. Instead it has been suggested that the money be put into the purchase of Liberty bonds and War Savings Stamps.