Altamont Enterprise May 31, 1918

Injured by Bull.

While attempting to drive a young bull away from the barn door opening at his farm near Altamont Thursday afternoon, Leonard C. Crounse was quite badly injured by the animal. It was fortunate that he escaped death, as the bull had rolled him over and trampled on him. During a lull in the battle Mr. Crounse had presence of mind to get away from the infuriated animal and crawled on his hands and knees toward the house. Mrs. Crounse, seeing his predicament, went to his rescue and assisted him into the house. Mr. Crounse was covered from head to foot with mud, and was almost unrecognizable.

Dr. A. I. Cullen was summoned and on examination found one of his feet and an ankle quite badly bruised, with many minor injuries about the boy. Mr. Crounse will be confined to his bed for several days as a result of the shock and excitement.



Notice to all young men who have arrived at the age of 21 years since June 5th last: You are required to register at Pettit’s hotel, Guilderland Center, on Wednesday, June 5, 1918, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., under penalty of one year’s imprisonment. — Roy J. Van Wormer, Town Clerk.



From the way Raymond Suits is collecting his live stock and chickens it looks as if the wedding bells might soon be heard.



Luther Sand has received a card stating that his son Elwood has arrived in France safely.



— The Junior Endeavor society donated to the congregation of the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning, a beautiful oak communion table. The presentation speech was made by Miss Eleanor Fisher in a most pleasing and appropriate manner.

— The War Chest campaign in Voorheesville closed Monday with 385 subscribers and a total subscription of $2,309. That the village’s quota of $1,000 was more than doubled shows the generous and enthusiastic response which this appeal for money to carry on war charities received from Voorheesville and immediate vicinity.



Miss Jeannette Bailey closed her school in Westerlo district No. 10 on Thursday and gave her pupils a picnic at Willsie’s Lake. They had a camp fire, and roasted potatoes and bacon, which they served with their dinner, after which Miss Bailey served each with bananas and cake, the cake having been purchased for the occasion at a Red Cross sale.



Estella Arthur, who was struck by an engine on the Delaware and Hudson crossing on Wednesday of last week, and taken to the Albany City hospital, was brought home Saturday and is improving.


WANTED — Widower with no family wants middle aged or elderly woman to keep house. Good home instead of high wages. M. W. Engle, Delmar, N. Y.