KNOX — Jean Gagnon, a Democrat, is running for town justice on the Democratic line. This will be her third time running the office in Knox.

“It’s very challenging, because laws are always changing … ,” said Gagnon, of her role as town justice. “Very challenging, but also very rewarding.”

KNOX — Diane Champion, a Democrat endorsed by both the Republicans and the Democrats, is running for tax collector in Knox. Champion has been the town’s tax collector for the last six years, and is running for her fourth two-year term.

KNOX — Brett Pulliam, who is not enrolled in a party, is running for town council on the Democratic line. Pulliam, who has served on Knox’s planning board for about 12 years, is running in his first election for a town office.

Dan Hanley

KNOX — Dan Hanley, a Democrat, is running on the Democratic line for the second time to keep his seat on Knox’s town council.

Hanley, 48, grew up in Loudonville, but always loved the outdoors, including camping at Thompsons Lake. He said that he and his wife moved to Knox in 1997 to “get out of the hustle and bustle.”

Karl Pritchard

KNOX — Karl Pritchard, a mechanic in the town of Knox, is running for the first time for a town office. Pritchard, who is not enrolled in a party, is running for town council on the Republican line.

KNOX — Ken Saddlemire, a Democrat who is running on the Republican line, is now making his second run for town council. In 2016, Saddlemire ran a write-in campaign to fill a vacant sea, but lost to Dan Hanley. Saddlemire will again run against Hanley and Hanley’s running mate, Brett Pulliam, who are both backed by the Democrats.

KNOX — Amy Pokorny, 64, has been on Knox’s town council for five years, and for the first time is running to be the town’s supervisor. A Democrat, Pokorny is running on the town’s Democratic line.

KNOX — Vasilios Lefkaditis, 45, has been Knox’s supervisor for one two-year term. A Democrat, Lefkaditis is running on the Republican line; in the last election, after not getting major-party backing, he ran and won on the Conservative line.

KNOX — Tara Murphy, a Democrat, is running on the Democratic line for Knox town clerk.

Murphy, 40, has lived in Knox for the last 10 years. She is originally from Castleton-on-Hudson, in Rensselaer County, a “very similar small town,” to Knox, she said.

KNOX — Gary Salisbury, a Republican backed by both Democrats and Republicans, is running for an eighth term as highway superintendent.

Salisbury, 53, has been highway superintendent for the last 14 years, and has worked at the garage for 30 years. He started working there when he was 22.