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New Scotland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, March 29, 2012

Nathaniel Truman Myers

A close-knit group of Voorheesville friends are mourning the death of Nathaniel Myers. He died on Saturday, March 24, at the tender age of 23.

His friends have called to describe him and sent e-mails listing his virtues. None of them want to be named. They just want to see that their friend, Nate, is remembered for who he was.

The list of adjectives describing him is long: creative, hilarious, imaginative, young soul, quick-witted, genuine, gifted, talented, inspirational, interesting, unique, trustworthy, and loyal.

“Nate Myers was one of the most genuine people I have ever had the fortune of meeting,” wrote one. “He had a wide imagination and was quick-witted in finding the humor in everyday circumstances. He could always make me laugh like no other.”

Nate was described by one caller as “an amazing artist.” She said, “He could draw like no one else. He would draw incredibly imaginative things.” The letters he wrote would be illustrated with his sketches of whimsical animals and people.

“He was very, very witty,” said his friend. “He was funny and creative. He was honest, and he was a dreamer.”

Nate also had a good memory, his friends said, and made others comfortable.

Other friends described Nate as “a truly beautiful person” who loved climbing. He had a great personality and a great laugh, they said. “We all loved him so much.”

One friend wrote, “I will always remember Nate for his intense blue eyes, his genuine smile, his aptitude for creating fictional characters, his funny voices and impressions, his adventurous attitude, and the times he would do something so funny and out of left field that you just wouldn’t know what to do but drop your jaw and laugh.  Time spent with Nate always felt like a treat.”

“In his last months,” another friend wrote, “I remember Nate as the embodiment of courage and compassion.  I think that says a lot for his character.  Despite unbearable conditions, he showed me the love and kindness for which I am forever indebted, all this while quiet and humble. Nate left a profound and lasting impression on the hearts and minds of his loved ones.  He will never be forgotten and always remembered.” 

Melissa Hale-Spencer

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