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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, November 10, 2011

Running to States
BKW boys’ and girls’ cross-country take class D title at Saratoga

By Jordan J. Michael

SARATOGA –– For Berne-Knox-Westero, running is a lifestyle. They take it seriously.

Both the boys and girls took cross-country Class D titles for BKW on Friday during a beautiful afternoon at Saratoga State Park. The Bulldogs’ performances this season have been impressive. The team would be competitive in any class.

Derek Struck, Sean Reynolds, Connor Devine, Adam Forti, Logan Flavell, Dominic Woodmansee, Elijah Murphy, Courtney Tedeschi, Allie Tedeschi, Abby Swint, Shannon Quay, Kristen Bassler, Jessica Rue, and Samantha Flavell will be running in the state meet at Vernon-Verona-Sherill High School on Saturday. BKW has a legitimate chance for championships for both the boys’ and girls’ teams.

Junior Courtney Tedeschi, who has won many races since joining the varsity team in eighth grade, said that the boys and girls from BKW are one big team. “We’re not segregated at all,” she said. “Not one of us is alone. Everyone is together.”

Tedeschi won her race by 32 seconds (18:50) on Friday and her younger sister, Allie, was close behind in third (19:55). On the boys’ side, Struck (15:55), Reynolds (15:58), and Devine (16:23) came in first, second, and third.

“We’re really confident,” Struck said. “No one was in our way. We didn’t have to worry.”

Since BKW is a small community, most of these runners have been together for most of their lives.

“We harp on that healthy type of lifestyle,” said Head Coach Bill Tindale, who counted out seven sectional titles for BKW since 2001, jumping back and forth from Class D and C. “Everyone co-exists with no jealously. We let the clock make the decision.”

Reynolds and Struck have spent a lot of time leading races this season as they’ve looked back to see Devine gaining ground. The two pulled away at the two-mile mark in Saratoga, and Struck won by three seconds, breaking away from Reynolds in the final 400.

“We compete for bragging rights,” Reynolds said of running with Struck. “It’s on and off between us, but I’m usually the one mooching off of Derek.”

Courtney Tedeschi has been to States as an individual before, but she’s glad to have the support of an entire team this time. “Everyone has put a lot of time into this,” she said.

Tindale hopes that everyone can stay healthy for Saturday’s big race. BKW will need all of its runners.

“Anything can happen out there,” he said.


The Guilderland boys’ and girls’ teams each placed fourth in Class A at the Section II Championships on Friday. The boys had 151 points and the girls had 119 points.

Senior Nico Turek finished in 21st place with a time of 16:07 and senior Austin Miller was 23rd with a time of 16:11. Sophomore Jenna Robinson had a time of 18:04 to finish sixth and junior Taylor Tommell was 25th with a time of 19:06.


In Class C, the Lady Birds were sixth with 200 points. The Blackbirds came in seventh with 173 points.

Junior Joe Becker finished in seventh place with a time of 16:18 and senior David Vandervort was 19th with a time of 17:29. Senior Michelyn Little had a time of 20:31 for 19th place and senior Sawyer Cresap was 36th with a time of 21:07.

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