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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, September 29, 2011

Voorheesville watches two-goal lead slip away

By Jordan J. Michael

VOORHEESVILLE –– The Lady Birds’ soccer team had a comfortable 2-to-0 lead at halftime. Then, the wheels came off.

In the second half on Tuesday in Voorheesville, Albany Academy got two goals from Emily Martin and one each from Emma Hardy and Taylor Lockwood to walk away with a 4-to-3 win. Chelsea Duncan scored a goal for the Blackbirds, but it wasn’t enough.

Talking to The Enterprise after the game, Voorheesville Head Coach Joe Santos was displeased. He said that his players made mental mistakes in the second half, for example, giving the ball away or not heading the ball when they should, or missing defensive assignments.

“We’re not learning from our mistakes,” Santos said. “We stopped progressing. I don’t see mental progress. They’re not alert.”

However, Santos thought that Voorheesville’s first goal was an “excellent soccer play.” Caroline Weiss sent a cross into the box and Emily Blow, the trailing midfielder, struck the ball into the goal.

“That’s an example of a thinking play,” Santos said of Blow’s goal.

Santos found issues with the Birds’ second goal, which was scored off a breakaway by Rachel Treiber. “She shot it right at the keeper,” he said; the goal was scored when the ball was deflected off the goalie’s hand. “Play it on the ground,” said Santos.

Duncan’s goal put Voorheesville ahead, 3 to 2, in the second half, but Santos said that his team didn’t play safely after that. “We were ahead of the play on defense when we’re supposed to be behind,” he said. “It has cost us before.”

The Blackbirds are 3-4 in the Colonial Council, a very tough league. Santos just wants his players to be responsible for their thinking during a match.

“It’s a long day when you don’t do sensible things,” said Santos.

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