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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, August 25, 2011

Horseshoes cling ’n’ clang in Medusa

By Jordan J. Michael

MEDUSA –– Rain started to fall on the two horseshoe pits behind the Medusa Volunteer Fire Company, but that wasn’t going to stop the competition.

It was the 65th anniversary of the Medusa horseshoe tournament and 23 teams from towns in the area were there to play for first place. Most of all, everyone was there for an enjoyable time.

“Having a fun day, that’s what it is all about,” said Ed Pizzigati, the president of the Medusa Fire Company. “It’s a way to bring people together. There are a lot of people that like to play horseshoes.”

Pizzigati didn’t play this year, but he was responsible for scoring the double elimination tournament after spending a whole day getting everything ready with his wife, Jolli.

“My friend taught me how to correctly mark the scores,” he said. “I learned a lot because I’m not the greatest player.”

Coming in first place were Alan Beers and Don Hartbeck from D.M. Hamilton Steamer Co. Harry Kniffer and Jeremy Boice also represented D.M. Hamilton, coming in second. In third place were Chris Heath and Steve Pfleging of Medusa Fire.

The Aug. 6 event was an “extended picnic,” Pizzigati said. The festivities started at 9 a.m. with a full breakfast and continued into the evening with some karaoke. Also on the menu were steamed clams and a special steak roast for the 65th anniversary.

“Some people were drinking, but some know better,” quipped Pizzigati. “There were some guys on fire call.”

Medusa Fire Company used to serve Greene County as the only tanker station in the area, but it moved its services to Albany County eight years ago. Pizzigati remembers throwing a huge block party in Medusa 35 years ago.

“I’ve been getting people together ever since,” said Pizzigati, who had 72 T-shirts made. “We broke even this year and we didn’t run out of anything. It was a wonderful day.”

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