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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, July 14, 2011

No replacement
Redlich leaves town and board post

By Anne Hayden

GUILDERLAND — Tuesday, July 5, marked Republican Councilman Warren Redlich’s last town board meeting.

“I’m not resigning,” said Redlich this week. He is moving to Florida, so will be unable to serve on the board since he won’t be a resident of Guilderland, as the law requires.

An attorney, Redlich said his reasons for moving are only loosely tied to politics. In addition to sitting on the town board since 2008, Redlich ran for Congress twice, and ran for governor on the Libertarian line in 2010.

His primary reason for moving, he said, is weather-related. By moving south with his wife and their two young children, he hopes to lead a lifestyle that is more active.

During his three years on the town board, Redlich has forced a more transparent budget process, by pushing for public budget workshops and bringing sales-tax revenues and pension contributions to the forefront of discussions. He also drew attention to the budget deadlines outlined by the Guilderland Town Code, and made sure each was being met.

Though he was not successful, Redlich advocated for freezing or reducing town board members’ salaries to save money, while opposing overtime cuts for police and paramedics in order to avoid a reduction of public safety coverage.

Redlich said he plans to stay involved behind the scenes in politics, particularly in the Libertarian Party. He said he will not run for public office again until after his youngest daughter goes to college. Last year, in his run for governor, when campaign flyers copying a police notice falsely labeled him as a sex offender, Redlich said it hurt his family, and he would not run again.

Redlich’s term on the town board would have expired on Dec. 31, 2011, and, under state law, the board could appoint someone to fill his vacant spot, or choose to leave it open until the election in November.

“It is my intention to leave the seat open until the election,” said Supervisor Kenneth Runion, a Democrat, who was frequently at odds with Redlich. There are not many meetings left before the fall, and no controversial issues on the horizon, said Runion.

“We’ll let the people choose the next board member,” Runion concluded.

Other business

At the July 5 meeting, the town board voted unanimously to:

— Extend the sunset provision for Glass Works Village — a proposed development to include condominiums, retail and commercial space, a nature preserve, and three parks — from Nov. 17, 2011 to July 5, 2014;

— Accept the audit report on the town court, performed by the town comptroller’s office, as required by the state’s Office of Court Administration; and

— Waive the building permit fees at 11 Ruth Terrace, due to damage by fire.


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