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Hilltown Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, January 6, 2011

Westerlo Town Board will interview candidates
to fill vacant posts for judge and zoning board

By Zach Simeone

WESTERLO — At its first meeting of the year, the town board made its annual appointments, and scheduled a special meeting to hold interviews for a new judge and a new zoning board member, and to hold a workshop to discuss a possible amendment to the town’s waste management law.

In October 2009, Ogden Saddlemire died, leaving an empty seat on the zoning board. Saddlemire was involved in many facets of the community, including being a member of the Democratic Committee, the Westerlo Fire Department, the Westerlo Rescue Squad, and the Rensselaerville Senior Citizens.

And, in late 2008, Judge Joseph Dean retired from the bench, and Andrew Brick, a lawyer who was serving as planning board chairman at the time, decided to apply for the job. He was appointed by the town board to fill the vacancy, and was later elected to hold the post.

But Brick has resigned, effective as of the end of 2010. So, on Jan. 26, the town board will hold interviews to fill both Saddlemire and Brick’s posts. The interviews will be private, but there will also be a public workshop that night to discuss changing the town’s waste management law so that, when a resident leaves a usable piece of property at the transfer station, it does not immediately become the property of the town, and residents can legally trade things like refrigerators and washing machines that they had planned on throwing away — long a common practice in town.

The Jan. 26 meeting is to begin at 7 p.m., but the board has not yet decided whether the workshop or interviews will take place first.


The town’s elected and appointed officials and boards are as follows, with terms to expire on Dec. 31, 2011, unless otherwise noted:

Town Board: Richard Rapp (supervisor), and councilmen Edward Rash (Dec. 31, 2013), R. Gregory Zeh (Dec. 31, 2013), Robert Snyder (Dec. 31, 2011), and Clinton J. Milner (Dec. 31, 2012);

Planning Board: Anthony Sherman (chairman, term on board expires Dec. 31, 2013), Gerald Boone (Dec. 31, 2014), Kristen Slaver (Dec. 31, 2015), and Richard Kurylo (Dec. 31, 2011), Edwin Stevens (Dec. 31, 2012);

Board of Assessment Review: Dawn Belarge (term expires Sept. 30, 2012), Eugene Coogan (Sept. 30, 2011), and Suzanne Rash (Sept. 30, 2013);

Zoning Board of Appeals: Gail Snyder (chairwoman, term on board expires Dec. 31, 2012), Virginia Mangold (Dec. 31, 2012), Gerald Woodruff (Dec. 31, 2015), and Wilfred VanIderstine (Dec. 31, 2012). There is one vacant seat;

Consultant: Robert E. Fisher;

Town Clerk and Registrar of Vital Statistics: Gertrude Smith;

Deputy Registrar and Deputy Town Clerk: Kathleen Spinnato;

Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement Officer: Edwin Lawson;

Highway Superintendent: John Nevins;

Deputy Highway Superintendent: Jody Ostrander

Deputy Code Enforcement Officer: Bruce F. Bunzey;

Court Clerk: Florence Derry;

Deputy Supervisors: Edward A. Rash and R. Gregory Zeh;

Town Attorney: Aline D. Galgay;

Town Judge: Kenneth Mackey (term expires Dec. 31, 2013);

Town Historian: Robert M. Duchow;

Dog-Control Officer: Jody Ostrander;

Assistant Dog Control Officer: William Scott III;

Zoning Board Clerk and Planning Board Clerk: Rita Perciballi;

Assessor’s Clerk: Claire Marshall; and

Official Newspaper: The Altamont Enterprise.


Salaries for town officials this year are as follows:

Supervisor: $15,000, to be paid weekly;

Highway Superintendent: $54,060, paid weekly;

Town Justices: $10,000 each, paid quarterly;

Town Board: $7,250 each, paid quarterly;

Town Clerk and Tax Collector: $31,400, paid weekly;

Deputy Town Clerk: $16.58 per hour, paid weekly;

Town Attorney: $20,000, paid quarterly;

Assessors: $22,000, paid weekly;

Clerk to the Assessors: $16.50 an hour paid bi-weekly

Zoning Administrator: $6,000, paid quarterly;

Code Enforcement Officer: $13,500, paid quarterly;

Deputy Code Enforcement Officer: $8,500, paid quarterly;

Court Clerk: $16.58 per hour, paid bi-weekly;

Dog-Control Officer: $4,200, paid monthly;

Assistant Dog-Control Officer: $3,000, paid monthly;

Planning Board Clerk: $16.58 per hour, paid bi-weekly;

Planning Board Member: $2,500 each;

Planning Board Chairperson: $4,500;

Board of Assessment Review: $200 each;

Zoning Board Member: $2,500 each;

Zoning Board Chairperson: $4,500;

Zoning Board Clerk: $16.58 per hour, paid bi-weekly; and

Town Historian: $1,500, paid annually.

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