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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, October 21, 2010

At GCSD, a dozen bargaining units range in size from 3 to 494

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland School District has 12 bargaining units, listed here from the largest to the smallest:

Guilderland Teachers’ Association, affiliated with New York Sate United Teachers, has 494 members, including teachers, guidance counselors, school social workers, librarians, registered school nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists;

Guilderland Employees’ Association, unaffiliated, with 208 members, including cooks and cashiers, food service helpers, bus drivers and bus aids, building maintenance mechanics, auto mechanics and bus garage helpers, custodial workers, groundskeepers, and messenger;

Guilderland Teaching Assistants’ Association, affiliated with NYSUT, has 140 teaching assistants;

Guilderland Office Workers’ Association, affiliated with NYSUT, has 63 members, including keyboard specialists, secretaries, telephone operators, account clerks, data entry operators, and offset printing machine operators;

Guilderland Teacher Aides’ Association, affiliated with the National Education Association/ New York, has 52 members, including teachers’ aids and monitors, cafeteria monitors, hall monitors, and school store monitors;

Non-Instructional Supervisors, unaffiliated, has 11 members, including supervisors of buildings and grounds, of transportation, and of finance; the chief technology specialist; the director of food service; the health and safety coordinator; the assistant supervisor of transportation; the bus maintenance supervisor; bus dispatchers; bus trainers; and night custodial supervisors;

Guilderland School Administrators’ Association, unaffiliated, has 10 members, including, special-education administrators, middle-school house principals, high-school assistant principals, and an assistant physical education director;

Guilderland Principals’ Association, unaffiliated, has eight members, including five elementary, one middle-school, and one high-school principal as well as an administrator for special programs;

Guilderland Instructional Administrators, affiliated with NYSUT, has eight members, including two middle-school supervisors (for language arts, social studies, and reading and for math and science), two high-school supervisors (for English and social studies and for math and science), and four district-wide supervisors (for physical education, health, and athletics, and for art, for music, and for foreign languages);

Guilderland Technology and Communications Personnel Association, unaffiliated, has seven members, all computer technicians;

Guilderland District Office Confidential Personnel, unaffiliated, has six members, including secretaries for the superintendent and the three assistant superintendents, and senior account clerks; and

Guilderland District Office Administrators’ Association, unaffiliated, which has three members, the three assistant superintendents.

Melissa Hale-Spencer

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