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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, July 29, 2010

Hannay wins another medal in 19th appearance at Games

By Jordan J. Michael

BUFFALO –– Scott Hannay may need to find a bigger drawer for all of his Empire State Summer Games memorabilia after winning his 12th medal in the javelin on Thursday.

Hannay, 46, of Westerlo, took on competitors half his age at the University of Buffalo in the Open Men’s Javelin event. He threw a distance of 52.7 meters to win his eighth silver medal –– adding to a stash that includes three bronze, and one gold from 2006.

“There is a drawer at home full of medals and uniforms,” said Hannay after receiving his silver.

“Our kids like to pull out all the old uniforms to wear them because they look funky,” added Hannay’s wife, Beverly.

It was Hannay’s 19th trip to the Games for javelin and he couldn’t think of any other athlete who had been at it as long. “I can’t think of other throwers here that have competed as long as I have,” he said.

The Greeks used the javelin as a weapon of war. It’s a competition that mixes throwing, running, and jumping.

“It’s an aggressive act and you can’t be subtle,” Hannay said. “People scream and yell because it does nasty things to your body. It’s a rush to say the least.”

Ray Kaplin from Hudson Valley had a throw of 53.04 meters to narrowly beat Hannay for the gold medal. “It was a decent throw,” Hannay said of his own effort. “When you see your name on the big board, it will jack you up a little bit.”

Hannay, 46, has been eligible for the Master’s division for 16 years, but decides to remain in the Open division because it’s more of a challenge. “One of my practice throws would win in Master’s,” boasted Hannay after he received his medal. “Placing in Open division means so much more.”

The wind on Thursday was coming from behind the throwers. “It suppresses the throw,” Hannay said. “Five or six of us could have won today. I’m fairly happy with second.”

Family discount

Hannay, who says he’s finished coaching track and field at Berne-Knox-Westerlo after three years full of titles, competed in discus and shot put for the Bulldogs 30 years ago. Javelin wasn’t allowed in New York State high school competition and still isn’t.

Hannay started throwing the javelin at Cedarville University in Ohio, and his mark of 202 feet, 7 inches is still a school record. Hannay’s personal record is 212 feet, or 64 meters. He competed in javelin, discus, and shot put at the Games for the first four years, but focused on javelin for the last 15.

“I had to pick one,” said Hannay.

The whole Hannay family has or is currently attending Cedarville University. Scott met Beverly there and their children, Greg and Sarah, are enrolled at Cedarville as a sophomore and a senior. Greg is throwing javelin and has already approached 180 feet.

“He would have won today if he was here,” Hannay said of his son Greg. “I think he got off to a great start. He’s trying to break my record.”

Hannay told The Enterprise that he gets a “family discount” at Cedarville. “Everything started there,” he said.

Hannay is hoping to compete along side Greg at next year’s Games in Rochester. It’ll be his 20th time and another uniform to add to the drawer.

“I’m glad that they got the Games back,” said Hannay. The Summer Games were cancelled last year because of the state budget crisis. “It has a huge impact and there’s nothing like it.”

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