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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, July 1, 2010

Cody Futia: Lacrosse is business

By Jordan J. Michael

GUILDERLAND –– Defenseman Cody Futia plays the game of lacrosse with a particular attitude, and it has earned him a spot on the University of Albany team. Futia will major in business next fall and already has a sports apparel line that’s wrapped around the concept of attitude.

“Attitude is that extra swag that you carry in your step,” said Futia, a 2010 graduate of Guilderland High School who runs Assault Sports Apparel with help from his dad. “It’s the different between being great or just good.”

Before starting at UAlbany, Futia will travel to Manchester, England as a member of the United States U19 team for the Federation of International Lacrosse Championships from July 15 to 23. Futia has raised roughly $1,000 for the trip, but set a goal of $4,500.

“Hopefully, my family and I will be able to cover the difference,” Futia said. “Getting to represent America in another country is a great honor.”

The invitation to the FIL event in England was a surprise for Futia. “I got an e-mail and thought it was a scam at first, but someone selected me,” he said. “I don’t know who picked me. It’s too hard to figure it out. Thank you, whoever you are.”

The FIL was established in August 2008 and is responsible for both the Men’s and Women’s Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships. The event happens every four years.

Futia has never been overseas and hasn’t been in serious contact with the team yet. “Haven’t gotten an itinerary yet,” he said. “Hopefully, I’ll be classy.”

Business and pleasure

Futia was an accomplished athlete at Guilderland, playing both varsity lacrosse and football for several years. He started playing in lacrosse youth leagues in third grade with his longtime friend and classmate, Christian Depersis, whose father was a well-known coach. Futia picked up football in middle school.

“Very few kids knew about lacrosse back in third grade,” Futia said. “Some hitting and strategy is similar between the two sports. I like football a lot, but lacrosse is taking me somewhere.”

When Futia was playing on the modified team, the coach moved him to a defensive position. At first, Futia didn’t know what defense was all about, but he eventually understood and turned into an accomplished player.

“It takes a special person to play defense,” said Futia, who scored a stylish goal against Colonie this season. “You won’t get recognized that often, but you’ll make a huge difference.”

Futia has gotten plenty of recognition over the past two years and that’s why UAlbany recruited him to play lacrosse at a Division I level. Futia told The Enterprise that the Great Danes were looking for a “smash and bash” defender and that’s what it got.

“I try to be as rough as possible out on the field,” said Futia, who first heard the “smash and bash” term from Guilderland Assistant Coach Chris Bremmer. “I heard him say it a lot and I just interpreted it as best as I could.”

Futia garners respect on and off the field, but plays with a high level of emotion. “I have to keep my emotions in check because I don’t want to make stupid mistakes,” he said. “I just try to throw memorable hits so players will think twice the next time.”

The University of Hartford, UAlbany, and Fairfield University all recruited Futia for lacrosse. Futia said he picked the Great Danes because the team has been good lately and he liked the attitude of the coaching staff.

“It seemed like a great fit,” said Futia, who will turn 18 in September. “I like everything about the academics and the athletics.”

Futia already had his foot in UAlbany’s door after participating in Top Dog Lacrosse last summer. Some Great Danes coaches headed the league and took notice of Futia.

“They expressed some interest,” he said.

Meanwhile, Futia and his father have gotten Assault Sports Apparel off the ground by making a website. They’re company sells T-shirts, tattoos, and bumper stickers.

“My dad showed me the ropes with business and I have a good headstart for school now,” Futia said. “He’ll take most of the load while I’m in school, but it’ll be mine after I get out.”

Futia has met most of the other players in his recruiting class and hopes his experience at UAlbany leads to a future with lacrosse.

“Everything is looking pretty good,” he said. “Anything can happen.

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