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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, October 8, 2009

Munroe is a champ of Altamont Horseshoe Leagaue

By Ed Cowley

ALTAMONT — This summer has had the wettest Tuesdays in the history of the Altamont Horseshoe League, which is well more than 50 years. But the weather for the tournament day was perfect; the pitching courts were in fine shape.

Bernie McGarry brought a load of winning trophies for the league to share as it wished, and Sunday turned out to be a day with an assortment of winners.

Play began a little after 10 a.m. We started with a four-losses-and-you-are-out system. I suspect that next year all those engaged will play everyone and, if there is a tie, an extra game or even two will settle wins and losses.

The two players left standing were Joe Davis and Bud Munroe. They both pitched well. A few doubles gave the championship for this year to Bud Munroe. He has been playing in the league since coming home from World War II.

I heard a player saying, “We have to get rid of these old guys.”

This was only said as a joke but it does make it clear that these two old guys are outstanding players.

It was a special treat to have Jim Gardner from The Enterprise stop by to take some photos of Bud Munroe and Joe Davis Launching some horseshoes en route to the stake we all know as a target. We look forward to seeing how this might work.

Aside from that thought, a photo of our “office” might be interesting. We do have a couple of stained-glass pieces to enrich our building a bit here and there. We also have some photos of some of the national champions who have performed in demonstrating on various occasions over the years.

It should surely be noted that Barry Zwack, aided by Rocco, his cousin, and some others have moved some back stoppers of very hard wood for next year and they also have put a bright green cover on one side of the courts.

It takes much work to make such important improvements to our site.

Six of our courts are first quality and we do hope some new members will join our regulars when the first Tuesday in May brings another pitching season.

The Altamont Veterans of Foreign Wars Post makes steady improvements in its facilities and we want to make it known that this close and positive connection between the post and pitchers has been a strong connection for more than half a century.

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